Personal Work

Homecoming (回家)

Homecoming is a short comic that centers around a Chinese person who grew up in the US. The story explores anxieties bred from internalized pressure and familial expectations. The protagonist primarily serves as an observer as they exchange text messages with their friend and their sister, acting as the common thread between the three stories. The full comic can be read here.



ZAIJIAN (再见) combines illustration and photography to create an interactive website to commemorate my time studying in Shanghai. The website can be found here.


Lunar New Year for Crystal Creations

Crystal Creations wanted designs for a banner and posters to commemorate New Year festivities at Tanglin Mall in Singapore. The banner was going to serve as a backdrop for live cultural performances and the posters promoted the month-long events. Working with the client, we decided on an art direction that drew from traditional Chinese visual motifs (e.g. red and gold, lanterns, face-changing masks) with a contemporary style that was festive and playful.