FEED Magazine

FEED Magazine was made for Creating a Magazine at NYU in collaboration with Andrea Meyer, Euan Rugg, and Sara Nuta. We were all interested in art and the Internet so we wanted to make a publication that served as a physical archive for the rapidly changing digital sphere. Rather than approach the web as the antithesis of print, we wanted FEED to document the velocity and development of online culture.

We decided to approach the magazine like a scrolling newsfeed to evoke the feeling of reading without a definite end. We designed the pages to be printed as a Jacob's Ladder that could be both folded like an accordion and laid out completely flat. Because the magazine was double-sided, we split the content so one side reflected Web 1.0 (designed by Euan), and the other side Web 2.0/3.0 (designed by me). We wanted the reader to feel like they were traveling through an Internet time capsule. Ultimately, FEED measured 145 inches with 34 pages of original content.